Travelling is feeling, being moved and seeing.

Lanzarote is a magically unique and singular island where you can experience the great passion of our team of official tour guides.

We want you to feel the island and take in its special features; it needs to be interpreted. We would love you to discover the island accompanied by a local expert, whose experienced eyes can take you beyond to not only just see but to observe and understand…


Our story

We’ve been working in the social economy sector for many years and are organized into an associated work cooperative and our mission now more than ever is to take part in the sustainable development of the island, which was iniciated by César Manrique more than 50 years ago, as well as reactivate the local economy and give you the chance to become a participant.


Our mission

We would like to guide you, show and teach you, inspire you, surprise you, arouse your senses and connect you to our island.

With one of our guides, a local expert, you’ll get the best tips and recommendations so you can continue enjoying the island on your own and get connected to Lanzarote and its people…

When you really get to know the island, you become part of it, carrying its wonderful memories with you forever.


My name is Antonio and I was born in Lanzarote and have been a tour guide in The Canaries since 2007.

I love hiking and am an environmental interpreter-guide of the island. Surfing is one of my hobbies I’m passionate about, as well as snorkeling and free-diving and mountain biking. I’m currently training for my first half marathon. Follow me on Lanzarote.


My name is Onelia; I’m half Asturian and half Canarian. I have a degree in Tourism and am an official tour guide in The Canaries and Asturias.

I’ve always known from very early in life that I was into tourism, it’s been my job and passion for over 20 years, I love being able to show others my favorite places through experienced eyes.

Would you like me to share them with you?


I’m Elena and I have a degree in architecture and am certified as a Canary Islands tour guide. I love sports, hiking, the Canarian archipelago and its people. I would like to convey the values of this land and its inhabitants to those who join me on the way. Would you like to come along?


My name is Cayetano, I was born in Gran Canaria, but Lanzarote, where I would come to surf, seduced me 30 years ago.

I became a tourist guide here in 1994. I’ve always liked the wild landscape of Lanzarote. I’ve lived in Belgium and have traveled around Europe, South America and Asia. I love traveling, Asian culture, psychology, history, surfing and yoga. Come and get to know my favorite spots.