It was our passion for the wonders of the island of Lanzarote and its inhabitants, along with the influence of Cesar Manrique that led us to create a cooperative of guides. Today we have more than fifteen years of experience in the tourist and socio- economic sector, as well as offering tours with professional and accredited guides.

We organizexcursions by bus, by car and on foot, in groups, individually and privately. We collaborate with local companies in order to be able to offer different activities on the island related to the environment, sports, culture and art.


We aim:

– to foster the local economy through our touristic products, in order to form a community that has a positive impact on our customers’ experiences and upon the islands.

– to raise visitors’ awareness so that we can preserve the natural and the cultural values and to support the local economy.


We want to guide you and to awaken your senses so that you get to know and connect with the peculiarities and charms of the Canary Islands and their inhabitants.

We want you to take home the best memories of your holiday.








Objective and official support

The aim of this new project is the creation of a new line of tourist products, thus expanding the offer of the worker cooperative, which consists of carrying out the necessary actions and designing a website with booking and sales software to be able to market the new products. These new tourist products consist mainly of close experiences in small groups, accompanied by an accredited tourist guide, enjoying contact with the local economy, landscape and nature of the island.

For the development of this new business initiative and especially of this website, we have received the appropriate financial support from the European Union, through its ERDF funds, by means of the “Subsidies for investment projects of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Canary Islands”. These funds, specifically the line aimed at improving the productivity and competitiveness of existing companies, have helped us to finance a large part of the design of this website and our booking engine, as well as the acquisition of computer equipment and furniture necessary for this new business initiative that we present here.