Friendly companies

In our cooperative of guides founded in Lanzarote in 2004, we have always known that the union makes the strength.

When in 2020 began to forge our project of tourist intermediary Feeling  Lanzarote Tours where we can offer our own tourism products, we were clear from the beginning that we wanted to have local companies for it and that our success should also be a benefit for them. That is the philosophy we announce on our website: “Our intention, now more than ever, is to participate in the sustainable development that Cesar Manrique started 50 years ago, and reactivate the local economy.”


This was how the idea of “Friendly Companies” emerged, seeking collaboration with local companies with the same spirit as us.

Companies that pamper their customers, that take care of Lanzarote, its inhabitants and its environment, that have an innovative spirit as well, and that know that a good service is the best advertising.

Since our flagship product “Follow Me by Car” is based on an experience where the customer goes in his own vehicle following the guide, it was logical to look for a first collaboration with car rental companies. We are very proud to tell you that we started a collaboration with the Canarian company Autos Elizabeth.

This collaboration aims to be renewed, continuous, and we want to support those small businesses (surf school, yoga course, restaurants, art galleries, craft workshop, specific event,…) of the island that want it and promote them in our networks (Facebook & Instagram).

The tours of our excursions are also designed to publicize family businesses or charming places on the island such as the Teleclub in “Lanzarote Cultural Route“, the Salinas de Janubio in “Volcanoes, green Lagoon and and saltflats” or the Craft Workshop in “Essences of the north” where we are received as friends….

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Do you have a company and want to be our “friend”? Contact us through the following contact form: