Safe guided tours in times of Covid-19

Even though precaution must be taken you can enjoy your holidays and go on tours!

In our cooperative, we’ve always taken the quality of the service we offer seriously since we want our customers to have a unique and unforgettable experience.

That is why in June we started preparing our guides to do tours again. Mind you we are taking certain precautionary measures to ensure your safety and protection as well as that of all parties involved in the excursions.

The first thing we did was to organize a training course complete with certification on ¨steps to reducing the risk of infection of the novel Coronavirus for tour guides and travel agents¨ in accordance with the guides issued by the ICTE (The Spanish Tourism Quality Institute) which is a department of the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Tourism where the guidelines are specified; recommendations and measures that must be followed to ensure the reduction in the spread of COVID-19 in the tourism sector.

Given this new situation we are happy to announce the creation of our own tourism intermediary ¨Feeling Lanzarote Tours¨.

We would like to offer different products so that, heeding our recommendations, visitors may safely enjoy the island even more. These products, ¨Follow me in your car¨ and ¨VIP Excursions¨ are based on small groups so that social distancing can be observed without losing their special touch and feeling…

And in order to widen our menu of services and fulfill all the wishes of our visitors so they may fully enjoy the wonderful scenery of Lanzarote, our cooperative is also registered as a hiking tour business.

Furthermore, our cooperative has designed its own protocol that the guides have pledged to follow.

This protocol is a compendium of recommendations and obligations to be taken into account during excursions based on the guide published by the ICTE and the protocols issued by the ¨Laboratorio Global de Seguridad Turística del Gobierno de Canarias¨, christened, ¨Canarias Fortaleza¨.

You can find our protocols posted on our website: as well as those issued by the ICTE and Canarian Government on the official organisms by clicking on the following links:

You can see the Responsible Tourism trademark on our web pages as our cooperative has signed a statement of responsibility committing ourselves to complying with all the protocols set by the ICTE.

In closing, for your peace of mind, we make sure that all the people and businesses we work and collaborate with follow all the safety and hygiene recommendations and mandatory measures.

Your enjoyment and safety is our priority on any activities or excursions you may book with us or through us!